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We use cookies, including to recognise you as a user through an anonymous ID number. This identification is done to analyse traffic on the website and to achieve more precise and relevant marketing through targeted advertising.

For marketing purposes, and if consent is given, we share information about how you use our website with our partners in social media and advertising, who may combine it with other information you have provided to them or that they have collected through your use of their services.

Read more about the information we collect and what we request consent for in our privacy policy.

What is cookies?

Cookies are small text files used by websites to keep track of various information about those who visit the site. The files are stored in your browser on your PC or mobile device, and you can use your browser settings to reject or delete them.

In addition to storing choices you have made on a website (such as language preferences or items added to the shopping cart), cookies are often used to store ID numbers. This allows information about you and your use of the website to be stored in other databases, with a reference to this ID number. This way, we can analyse how different users use the website without the need to identify them by name or other personal information.

In the Personal Data Act and GDPR, such anonymous ID numbers are nevertheless defined as personal data, and we must therefore have a legal basis for collecting, storing, and processing such information. The legal basis we rely on for different information and purposes is described in our privacy policy.

If the legal basis is "legitimate interest/interest balancing," you will find that we allow various tools to store cookies in your browser regardless of whether you have made a choice or not. However, you can still delete or block such cookies using functions in your browser.

If the legal basis is "consent," we adhere to the choice you make in the notification that appears when you visit the website, and we do not consider consent to be given until you have made an active choice.

 If you have previously made a choice, you will not receive the notification again as long as the cookie that remembers this choice is active. However, you can still change or revoke your consent.


Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about who we are, how you can reach us, and how we process personal data.

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