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Sending packages by bus

Do you have something that needs to be on the other side of the country faster than the postal service can deliver and at an affordable cost? You can send express packages with most of our routes.

The packages sent by bus arrive on the same day and only need to be picked up at the bus stop to which they are sent. You can send packages weighing up to 30 kg by bus, as long as they fit within the maximum dimensions (see the list at the bottom of the article).

The package and its contents should be wrapped well and securely to prevent damage and to avoid causing harm to other luggage during the journey. Keep in mind that the package will be placed in the luggage compartment and may come into contact with suitcases and bags. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any damages to the package, but we will do our best to handle it with care.

How to order a shipment and label the package

  • Make a search in the travel planner and find the departure you would like to send the package with. If you are sending from a stop other than the starting point of the route, please contact customer service in advance. They will inform the driver where along the route you will deliver the package.
  • Packages cannot be pre-booked but should be delivered to the bus before the departure time or at the bus stop. Please remember to be there well in advance.
  • Please clearly label the package with the name and phone number of both the sender and the recipient. This way, the driver has the option to notify in case of any unforeseen events during the journey.

Direct trips and payment on the bus

Packages can only be sent on direct routes that do not involve transfers, provided that we have space on the bus. Most buses have ample space in the baggage compartment, so it is likely that your package will be accepted. If you are uncertain, we recommend choosing a departure mid-week or during daytime, as these tend to have the most available luggage capacity.


When sending the package, you show up for the departure, deliver the package directly to the driver, and pay for the delivery. Payment is made with a card on the bus. The cost of sending a package by bus is calculated based on weight, quantity, and distance; please refer to the table below.

The recipient of the package must be present at the agreed-upon stop at the time of arrival. Note that the bus may be slightly delayed in heavy traffic, so thank you for being patient and waiting!

Cost of sending a package

Price per package

  • A single package can weigh a maximum of 30 kg
  • The maximum dimensions for packages are 60 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm. If the measurements exceed this, the price will be doubled based on weight per package.

Prices may be subject to change

Vekt pr. kolli  0–250 km  over 251 km
0–1 kg    190 NOK 200 NOK
1,1–5 kg 250 NOK 270 NOK
5,1–20 kg 310 NOK 350 NOK
20,1–30 kg 410 NOK 460 NOK

Unfortunately, we cannot transport:

  • Fresh goods such as meat, fish, vegetables etc.
  • Hazardous materials such as fuel, gas tanks, etc.
  • Animals
  • Packages on stretches that involve a transfer

Please also see regulations for transportations of goods by Norwegian Authorities (only in Norwegian)

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