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Privacy policy

NOR-WAY Bus Express values your personal information as a user of our services on and in the NOR-WAY-app. Here are our privacy guidelines explaining how we process and protect your personal information.

It is important that you are aware that we collect and process personal information about you when you are in contact with us.

This applies when:

  • You use our website or app
  • Contact us via email, chat, or call our customer center
  • Book tickets
  • You have a registered profile and receive newsletters, SMS, and other advertisements from us

Controller of processing

NOR-WAY Bussekspress AS (represented by CEO Merethe Olsen) is the data controller for your privacy-related information that you provide in connection with the services we provide. Occasionally, we may offer journeys or parts of journeys with other companies we collaborate with, and in such cases, the company from which you purchased the service is the data controller.

What personal information do we collect, and how is it used?

We collect, process, and use personal information about you for various purposes depending on the nature of how we are in contact with you.

The purpose of collecting personal information is always to provide the services you, as a customer, expect from us, based on the inquiries and agreements made, as well as to provide you with better information, service, and support. We also collect information about your usage patterns to improve our services to be as relevant and useful for you as possible. Additionally, we use personal data for marketing purposes, if you have given consent for this.

Purchase of ticket

In order to provide our services and handle your ticket orders, we collect the following personal information:

  • Email
  • Phone number

After the purchase is completed, your ticket/receipt will be sent to you at the email address provided during the order. Unless you delete or request the deletion of your personal information, details related to your orders will be stored with us for 120 days after the completion of the journey.

My Page and Newsletter

On 'My Page,' you can create a customer profile and view your orders and receipts. Here, you can subscribe or unsubscribe from the newsletter, edit your personal information, and receive special offers via email.

A customer profile is registered with an email address and phone number. You also have the option to enter your name and address, but this information is not mandatory. You can go to 'My Page' and delete your account yourself. The information associated with the account will then be deleted.


When you create a profile and agree to receive newsletters from us, your email address is registered in our email list, and you simultaneously consent to us storing personal information about you, so that we can send you information about news, promotions, and more. The email address is stored in our email list until you unsubscribe from the newsletter via the link in the email or on 'My Page'.


When you open newsletters via email or click on links in the email, this is registered in our systems so that we can monitor how many receive and react to our communications.

Customer service

If you contact our customer center via email, phone, or through Facebook, we may process the personal information you provide (name, phone number, address, and email address), as well as travel information and booking details needed to provide customer service. This personal information will be deleted once your inquiry is resolved and concluded.

Visits on

When you visit, your usage data is logged. This happens, for example, when you view or click on content on the website or when you perform searches. In this context, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer when you download a website.

Cookies are used to record your activities on our website and contain an ID number that remains with you between each visit. This allows you to remain anonymous in principle, but we can still collect information about what you and others do on the site over time. Information collected includes which pages are visited and other activities on the site, as well as general information about your browser and computer/mobile phone, along with your IP address in anonymised form.

There are two different purposes for this data collection.

The first purpose is to provide us with information about user patterns of our website, so that we can improve your user experience, enhance website functionality, and analyze our traffic. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics to collect and store data, but we ensure that the information is not shared with others or used for other purposes. Without this information, it would be challenging for us to design the website to meet our customers' needs effectively, and the basis for this processing is therefore a balancing of interests.

The second purpose is to serve you personalized and tailored marketing, including product ads with a personal touch on other channels and websites, such as social media, websites, or to measure the effectiveness of such marketing. To achieve this, we allow advertising providers like Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Microsoft, Tradetracker, and Adform to link the information about your use of the website to their cookies and their ID numbers. This enables them to connect information from various websites, so we can show you relevant ads elsewhere on the Internet and enrich the interest profile they have on your user for generally better-tailored ads from other companies as well. The basis for this processing is your active consent, which you give by accepting marketing cookies or clicking 'Allow all' on our cookie banner.

In our cookie overview, you can see a comprehensive list with more details about the cookies used on You can also modify or withdraw your consent to our use of cookies.


We use cookies on Cookies are data sent from a website and stored locally in the visitor's browser while they are visiting a website. When you revisit our website, data stored in the cookie can be retrieved, notifying the website about your previous visits and activities. You can opt-out of cookies by changing the settings in your browser or denying access in cookie banner. Read more about how NOR-WAY Bus Express uses cookies here.

Read more about Cookies used on

Your rights as a user on

It is important to us that your rights are protected, and the personal information you provide is processed in a legal manner. We do not collect more personal information than necessary, and it is deleted as soon as it is no longer needed. Your information should be up-to-date and correct, and if there are errors or omissions, you can correct some of the information yourself if you are registered with a "My page." You have the right to access the personal information related to your customer relationship with us, and you can request to have your personal information deleted or delete it yourself on "My page." If you change your mind, you can withdraw your consent to the processing of personal information we have registered about you in our systems by contacting us. You can change or withdraw your consent for the processing of personal information based on cookies on this page at any time.

Privacy in the NOR-WAY App

In the NOR-WAY app, you have the option to decide whether to grant access to data collection, where information about travel patterns is used for statistics and improvement of our travel services.

In the app, we request access to data via Bluetooth, Notifications, Location, and background location, where you can choose to give consent or not. Data from these accesses are used for statistics and improvement of our services and are anonymized. This means that data about your travel patterns cannot be linked to your personal information.

Analysis of travel patterns

If you consent, the app collects data about your travel patterns. This data is anonymized and cannot be linked to you as an individual. We use the information to better understand our customers' travel needs and thus improve our travel services. This makes it easier for us to offer a travel service that travellers need and prefer.

We do not have access to detailed information about your exact location and will only process location data at the basic geographical level. This means we cannot identify specific places such as workplaces and residences. You choose whether to share data about travel patterns, and you can withdraw permission at any time through the settings on your mobile device.

Digital surveys

If you allow us to collect data about your travel patterns, you may receive surveys when you are on board the bus. Through wireless transmitters (beacons) on the buses, the app can register that you are on a bus and send you relevant questions about your travel experience. Your answers provide us with the opportunity to make improvements where necessary.

Analysis of app usage

Statistics in the app are collected via Google Analytics for Firebase. We gather information about how the app functions to make improvements in the user experience. The information is sent to us in an anonymized form and cannot be linked to you as a user. If you prefer not to share usage information, you can turn this off in the settings on your phone.

The NOR-WAY app asks for following permission

Bluetooth - To better understand travel patterns and send surveys where you can provide feedback on your travel experience.

Notifications - To inform you of any changes to your journey, our services, or similar updates.

Location Services - Used to understand travel patterns and needs in order to develop our services and improve customer experience. To notify you even when the phone is closed, we need access to background location services.

Anonymized data is sent to a third party, Kogenta, which analyzes the data and presents reports for NOR-WAY Bussekspress.

If you have questions or wish to access your personal information, please contact us.

Contact us here:

  • Email:
  • Phone (+47) 22 31 31 50
  • Mail address: NOR-WAY Bussekspress AS, Stenersgata 2, 0184 Oslo
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