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Catch the bus to Bergen

Bergen is the city between seven mountains, situated in the heart of the Norwegian fjords and a hub for express buses. While the city is known for frequent rain, fortunately, there are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy here.

Wooden houses nead the sea near Bryggen (the pier) in BergenPhoto: Desirée Skalle

Idyll, life, and bustle among picturesque wooden houses.

The iconic Bryggen in Bergen is the oldest part of the city, built about 1000 years ago, and it is listed on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Additionally, this is Norway's third most visited tourist attraction, surpassed only by the Fløibanen funicular and Holmenkollen. Here, it's bustling with life, featuring small shops, galleries, and a variety of cozy eateries. From Bryggen, you can easily stroll over to the Fish Market, where you can indulge in delicacies as fresh as they come.

a cobblestone street surrounded by white wooden houses in BergenPhoto: Desirée Skalle

Bergen is a charming city, with cozy cobblestone streets, narrow alleys, and charming well-preserved old wooden houses. The city is brimming with everything from trendy coffee shops and quaint stores to exciting museums and experience centers. A plethora of festivals and concerts are organized throughout the year, placing the city on the musical world map.

Bergen as seen from the top of the mountain FløienPhoto: Desirée Skalle

The city between the seven mountains

Fløibanen takes you from the center of Bergen to the top of Mount Fløyen in only 6 minutes, which is an experience in itself. From the top, you can enjoy the view over the city, the fjord, and the beautiful landscapes of western Norway. This is also a perfect starting point for further hiking into a spectacular high-mountain nature. On paths and trails suitable for all, you can take the hike over Vidden from Fløyen to Ulriken, where Ulriksbanen provides you with a fantastic descent.

A narrow cobblestone street with colourful houses in Bergen

Meet the animals in Akvariet

Bring your family to Akvariet (the Aquarium in Bergen) and have a fantastic and educational day. Here, you'll encounter many creatures from tropical rainforests, coastal rocks, deep seas, and arctic regions. You'll meet the fun and adorable sea lions, penguins, otters, Filipino crocodiles, fish, and fascinating snakes. If you're interested, you can join both the seal show and penguin feeding. It's a fun and exciting experience for both the young and old.

People watching out at Bergen city from a viewpoint

Get more information about Bergen as your destination at Visit Bergen or Visit Norway

people eating food at a table with a view over Bergen cityPhoto: CH –

Catch the bus to Bergen:

NW162 Øst-Vest ekspressen

Departures to Bergen from Lillehammer, Fagernes, Lærdal, Flåm, Voss

Bus stop: Bergen Bus Station in the city center

NW180 Haukeliekspressen

Departures to Bergen from Oslo, Telemark, Haugesund

Bus stop: Bergen Bus Station in the city center

NW400 Kystbussen

Departures to Bergen from Stavanger, Haugesund

Bus stop: Bergen Bus Station in the city center

NW430 Fjordekspressen

Departures to Bergen from Stryn, Førde

Bus stop: Bergen Bus Station in the city center

NW420 Sognefjordekspressen

Departures to Bergen from Haukeland Hospital, Sogndal, Lærdal, Flåm, Voss

Bus stop: Bergen Bus Station in the city center

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