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Catch the bus to Haugesund

Travel by bus to Haugesund from Bergen, Stavanger, Telemark, and Oslo.

White wooden houses on the harbour with boats and water reflectionsPhoto: Arne Kristian Stave Ytreland/ 

Haugesund city is an exciting destination, especially for those who enjoy shopping. Here, you'll find both chain, second hand and niche stores. The city is also known for its cultural diversity, with galleries, museums, stand-up comedy, film, and concert experiences.

On the inner quay, you'll find a lot of restaurants ready to serve lunch and dinner. The restaurants offer a variety of dishes to suit every taste. Discover exciting food traditions featuring flavours from both land and sea, including tasty dishes with seaweed, mussels, and herring. The dining establishments also provide tempting menus for those seeking vegetarian options.

For the outdoors enthusiast, getting out on a hike on Haugalandet and feeling the fresh sea breeze in your hair is invigorating. Here you have several popular hiking trails to choose from. For those seeking more excitement, activities like canyoning, surfing, or numerous excellent summit hikes are also available in the area.

Another popular option is staying at the Flokehyttene, which consists of five cabins at the very tip of the Ryvarden peninsula in Sveio. The cabins cling to the crevices of the rocks, as if awaiting the next wave. Inside the cabins, you can sit in a warm, secure environment and experience the vast ocean through large panoramic windows. Read more about Flokehyttene.

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Catch the bus to Haugesund

NW180 Haukeliekspressen

Departures to Haugesund from Bergen, Telemark, and Oslo

Bus stop: Haugesund bus terminal in the city center

NW400 Kystbussen

Departures to Haugesund from Bergen and Stavanger

Bus stop: Haugesund bus terminal in the city center

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