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Catch the bus to Voss

In the wild and beautiful Voss, you'll find deep valleys, swift rivers, and roaring waterfalls

A huge sign spelling VOSS and the village and a paraglider in the backgroundPhoto: Instagram @annelinbs

Are you looking for exciting activities and experiences? Then the village of Voss is the perfect destination for you! Voss is world-famous as the 'Extreme Sports Village,' which is not surprising, as it offers activities such as skydiving, rappelling, paragliding, and rafting for you to try.

people rafting in a wild riverPhoto: Instagram @sirinorenberg

The bus stops at Voss station, right by the cable car that takes you up to the mountains in less than 9 minutes. From the bus stop, you have a panoramic view of the mountains surrounding the village, and it is a perfect starting point whether you want to go for a hike, ride on two wheels, or if paragliding is what's tempting you.

Make sure to take a trip to the mighty waterfalls that surround Voss. After a day filled with excitement, when you feel hungry, it is recommended to try some of the delicious traditional food that the village has to offer.

Throughout the year many festivals are arranged in Voss, including Vossa Jazz and the world's largest extreme sports festival.

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a woman crossing a river on a ziplinePhoto: Instagram @annelinbs

Catch the bus to Voss:

NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen

Departures to Voss from Bergen, Flåm, Aurland, Lærdal, Fagernes, Dokka, Gjøvik, Lillehammer.

Bus stop: Voss station, approximately 11 minutes walk to Voss city center.

NW420 Sognefjordekspressen

Departures to Voss from Bergen, Gudvangen, Flåm, Håbakken, Lærdal and Sogndal

Bus stop: Voss station, approximately 11 minutes walk to Voss city center.

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