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Travel by Bus and Receive a Green Voucher

The Green card is our gift to all who choose to catch one of our buses to accommodation at Gjendesheim or Haukeliseter. You will get a voucher for use at the cabin.

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NOR-WAY Bus express, the Norwegian Trekking Association and the mountain lodges Gjendesheim and Haukeliseter are working together to offer a Green card voucher to all mountain tourists who catch a NOR-WAY bus to the mountain. 

All who take either NW161 Valdresekspressen to Gjendesheim or NW180 Haukeliekspressen to Haukeliseter and spend the night at the accommodation will qualify for a Green voucher. 

The green voucher may be used for on food or non-alcoholic drinks at the cabin.

NW161 Valdresekspressen to Gjendesheim

The Valdresekspress takes you from Oslo, via Hønefoss, Fagernes, Beitostølen to Gjendesheim. Du you may also catch NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen from Bergen / Voss / Tyin to Fagernes and transfer to Valdresekspressen there. 


Gjendesheim is an entry point to the Norwegian national park Jotunheimen with many spectacular mountain hikes within reach. You may reach tops as the famous Besseggen, Besshøe or walks along Gjende. The lodge is an excellent first stop on your way further into Jotunheimen and other lodges such as Gjendebu and Memurubu, and more mountains to conquer. 

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NW180 Haukeliekspressen to Haukeliseter

Haukeliekspressen is the link between east and west in Southern-Norway. In the East of Norway the bus departs from Oslo, Drammen, Kongsberg and Notodden. In the West it starts in Haugesund and Bergen and continues to Seljestad before continuing up to Haukeli. At the top of the Haukeli mountain plateau the mountain lodge Haukeliseter is positioned with room for accomodation and many options for mountain walks. 

Haukeliseter is surrounded by nature, water and possibilities for shorter and longer daytrips. The cabin may also fuunction as an entry point to Hardangervidda as a start for a walk from lodge to lodge in wild and beautiful nature. 

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How do I get a Green card?

  • Search and book ticket to Gjendesheim and Haukeliseter on Hold on to the order confirmation email.

Book accommodation on the mountain lodges' websites

  • Get on the bus on the departure day
  • When you arrive at the lodge, show the bus booking confirmation in check in (in app or email) as a proof that you are qualified for a Green card. 
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