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Seat belts are vital - also when catching a bus

Person i bus with seatbelt drawingPhoto: Statens vegvesen

Most people would agree that using seat belt in a car is necessary. Now an increasing amount of bus travellers say the same. The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) perform inspections on buses and the passengers are responsible for their own and others' safety.

As a bus passanger, you are responsible for wearing a seatbelt and may be fined if there is a NPRA inspection.

Still, to avoid a fine is not the most important reason to use the seat belt. First and foremost, it should be used to protect yourself and other people. 

- In traffic and when we are travelling using public transport, we have a responsibility for our co-travellers. If you do not use your seat belt, you are a danger to yourself and others on the bus. So, watch out for your friends. Fasten your own belt and the belts of the ones you love, says Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs in NPRA.

Embarrassing and weird? 

Young people are the most frequent bus travellers, but the least likely seat belt users. One of two in the age group 15-29 years travel in modern busses with seat belts installed. Still only 58 per cent say they are frequent seat belt users. However, the attitude seems to be changing. Research from the NPRA shows that today, fewer young people regard it socially acceptable not fastening the seat belt whilst travelling on a bus. 

The share of young people who find it socially acceptable not to fasten their seat belt has decreased from 65 per cent in the Spring of 2017 to 47 per cent Autumn of 2018. This could signify that the attitudes are changing, and busses are less often seen as a mode of transport where seat belts are unnecessary.  

- We are happy to see the attitude is changing amongst young people, and we hope to see evidence of this in the results from inspections. Luckily, there are few serious accidents in busses, but if something happens, the seat belt can represent a difference of life and death, says Ingrid Heggebø Lutnæs.

Seat belts in all NOR-WAY busses

You will find seat belts in all NOR-WAY busses and you are required by law to use them. The bus drivers will remind the passengers of this at the start of the ride. Still, the responsibility lies with the passenger. And in inspections, the NPRA will fine those who have not fastened their seat belt. 

Take care of yourself and your co-passengers. Fasten your seat belt when travelling by bus.

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