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The Winter and Summer eldorado: Voss and Myrkdalen

Less than two hours after starting the journey from Bergen, you arrive in Voss known for the Week of Extreme sports and year around activities for the whole family.

Voss is surrounded by mountains and lake Vangsvatnet; both sites for a rich catalogue of activities. In summer, there are facilities for biking and hiking in the mountains, river paddling, or SUP on Vangsvatnet. In winter Voss has two big alpine resorts, Voss and Myrkdalen. Myrkdalen is traditionally the alpine resort in Norway with the most snow in winter. 

Read on for an overview of some of the adventures Voss and Myrkdalen have to offer. 

Gondol or walk to Hanguren

Voss seen from the mountain

Hanguren is the top that gives a full overview of Voss. If you walk it, it is a relatively steep climb but a nice challenge for hikers. If you would like a more comfortable journey to the top, the gondola from Voss station is a nice alternative.

Hanguren is a vantage point for many fun activities, including skiing in winter and cycling and paragliding in summer.

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This is a longer hike that start on the opposite side of Vangsvatnet. Bring food, warm clothes and water. The hike is perfect if you stay overnight in Voss and would like a nature adventure.

About the hike to Gråsidetoppen

  • Distance: 13,8 km return
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Ascent: 930 meters
  • Duration: 6 hours

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Bikeride around Vangsvatnet

The bikeride around Vangsvatnet is an easy trip for those who would like to see more of Voss and the surrounding areas. Within a couple of hours, you have seen the city, the mountains, and people who live in Voss. Bring a packed lunch or stop at one of the cafes in central when you are back.

About the bikeride

  • Distance: 22,2 km return
  • Difficuly: Easy
  • Ascent: 380 meter
  • Duration: 1-3 hours

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Apline and cross-country skiing in Voss 

Voss Resort can be reached by taking the Voss Gondol into the mountains. At the top, the network of 10 lifts and 23 descends starts. Voss resort is a classic skiing destination with lots of challenges for skiers of all ages and levels. The cross-country skiers there are 18 km of tracks in the area.

About Voss Resort

  • Closets cities: Bergen, Sogndal
  • Suits all ages and proficiency levels
  • 40 km alpine slopes
  • Lifts and descends: 11 lifts (including the gondola) and 24 descends
  • 18 km cross-country slopes

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Travel by bus to Voss

There are daily departures with NOR-WAY Bus Express both from Bergen and Sogndal to Voss. From Bergen the duration of the journey is 1 hours and 50 minutes. From Sogndal the journey takes 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Alpine and cross-country skiing in Myrkdalen

Sun over Voss winter landscape

Myrkdalen is about 40 minutes into the mountains from central Voss. When it is raining in Voss, it snows in Myrkdalen. This makes Myrkdalen one of the skiing resorts in Norway with the highest amount of snow. The resort offers ski in-ski out opportunities with both cabins and hotels close to the slopes.

If you come to Voss by bus, you can catch a ski bus further into Myrkdalen. 

About Myrkdalen

  • Closest cities: Bergen, Sogndal
  • For: All ages and levels
  • Number of lifts and descends: 9 lifts and 20 descends
  • Offers summer activites such as hikes, fishing, cycling

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Travel by bus to Myrkdalen

You can travel by bus to Voss with NOR-WAY bus Express from Bergen and Sogndal. Travel to Voss station and continue by local bus to Myrkdalen, or take the bus to Vinje and catch a bus or taxi from there. 

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