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NW192 Konkurrenten offers well over 100 departures weekly between Stavanger, Southern Norway, and Oslo. With short travel times and express services, this is the most efficient way to travel to Oslo, Arendal, Grimstad, Lillesand, and Kristiansand. From Stavanger, we have corresponding departures to Haugesund, Stord, and Bergen.

If you are traveling to/from Kragerø and Risør, it is possible to purchase a ticket to your destinastion and change to a corresponding bus. Please always inform the driver if you plan to continue with the bus from Tangen to Kragerø or from Vinterkjær to Risør.

Shorter travel time – stops only for registered boarding and exits

We prioritize making your journey as quick and efficient as possible. Therefore, the bus only stops where it is registered that someone is exiting or entering the bus. This saves you 11 minutes on travel time.

Pre-booking your ticket guarantees you a seat on the bus. A booking is made by searching for the departure and destination in the travel planner at the top of the page. You can book a ticket up to 15 minutes before departure.

Departures marked as 'Fastest between Kristiansand/Arendal and Oslo' do not have breaks along the way. The other departures have a 10 minutes break at Langrønningen, except for the 19:30 departure from Oslo. 

Times and tickets

Making a search in the travel planner will give you overview of all available journeys with updated prices. See one of our suggestions below:

Search Oslo–Kristiansand

Search Kristiansand-Oslo

Search Arendal-Oslo

Search Oslo-Arendal

Search Stavanger-Oslo

Search Stavanger-Kristiansand



Farte travelcard

You can travel with Konkurrenten in Telemark with a Period Pass for Telemark on the Farte travel card.

  • The valid strech is Tangen – Skjelsvik
  • Make your booking by using the discount code: TFK2024 in the travel search. The price for the route should then be 0 NOK.

When the ticket is purchased in advance with a valid discount code, it will only be accepted if you can present a valid Farte card to the driver.

With a valid Farte card, you can also travel on the bus without booking in advance, only by presenting a valid Farte card to the driver. Please note that you are not guaranteed a seat if you have not made a booking in advance. 

Bus stop Håneskrysset is Signal-controlled

The bus stop at Håneskrysset in Kristiansand is signal-controlled when you travel in Oslo direction. Please press the button at the stop for the bus to exit the E18 and make a stop.

Bus to your flight from Sola or Torp

  • Konkurrenten operates daily to and from Stavanger Airport Sola.
  • Konkurrenten operates daily to and from Fokserød bus stop where you can catch the shuttle bus to Torp Airport. The shuttle bus departs twice an hour.

If you are flying, you should allow sufficient travel time to the airport and take into account that there may be queues at check-in and in security. Also, please follow recommendations from the airlines and airports.

Mini cruise to/from Filipstad with Color Line

Konkurrenten operates daily to the Color Line terminal at Filipstad in Oslo, where the ferry to Kiel departs from. To book a bus ticket, please search for Filipstad in the travel planner.

There are daily departures from Filipstad at 11:05 and arrival daily at 11:38.


Customer service

For questions about our services and departures, please find information under Travel Info. Timetables are available by searching in the travel planner.

If you have further questions, please contact:

For route information on Sundays, please get in touch via phone (+47) 37 93 15 15 or

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please the lost property form, and we will get in touch with you. You can also contact the operator of Konkurrenten by phone (+47) 37 93 15 15 or

Pause at Langrønningen

There is a 10-minute break at Langrønningen with the opportunity to purchase food on most departures. Exceptions are departures marked "Fastest between Kristiansand/Arendal and Oslo," the departure at 19:30 from Oslo, and 05:10 from Kristiansand.

Please note that NW192 Konkurrenten no longer stops at Telemarksporten. Alternative stops for boarding and disembarking are Skjelsvik knutepunkt and Langrønningen.

Line NW192
Traveltime between: Oslo, Kristiansand and Stavanger: approx. 9 hours and 30 minutes

Multiple departures run continuously Oslo–Kristiansand–Flekkefjord–Stavanger. Most of these departures stop at Stavanger Airport Sola and SUS (main road passing by).

Some departures run directly with fewer stops between Oslo–Arendal–Kristiansand.

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