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The Romsdalseggen ridge offers one of the worlds most scenic hikes.

The hike across the Romsdalseggen ridge starts by taking a bus from Åndalsnes station. 
The bus takes you to the start of the trail at Venjedalssetra (summer mountain farms). From here you hike along the Romsdalseggen ridge back to the starting point in Åndalsnes. 

The Romsdalseggen bus shuttle operates from mid June to mid October. Book your ticket online or download the NORWAY Bussekspress travel app. Some of the departures offers pick up at the accommodation sites in Åndalsnes and Isfjorden. Check with your provider. 

Travel green with the Romsdalseggen bus shuttle.

Good to know

  • The Romsdalseggen bus shuttle starts to operate as soon as the trail conditions are safe across the ridge.
  • The bus may be canceled due to bad weather, e.g. heavy snowfalls.
  • The bus travel along a privat toll road, the toll is included in the tickets. Parking options are limited.
  • Extra busses will operate on days with high demand.
  • When traveling by bus, it saves you having to pick up your car after the hike. Parking options are limited.

Weather and season

The Romsdalseggen bus starts as soon as (snow) conditions indicate it is safe to travel over Romsdalseggen. The season is weather-dependent, but typically lasts from June to October under suitable weather conditions. The bus may be cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions (such as heavy snowfall).

More information for the hike

For more information and preparation for the hike, read more on FjordNorway.

Serviced stops

Some of the stops for the Romsdalseggen bus are only served during specific departures. Search from and to your preferred stop in the travel planner and you will only see the departures that operate from there.

Times and tickets

A search in the travel planner returns departures with updated prices and tickets.

You will only find departures when tickets for the season are published.

If you create an account and log in when purchasing a ticket, you will have the opportunity to change the travel time up to 1 hour before departure.

Route Romsdalseggenbussen

Approximate travel time from Åndalsnes stasjon to the start point for the Romsdalseggen hike is 20 minutes. 

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