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Shuttle bus Snøheim

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The shuttle bus Snøheim is the bus that goes to Snøheim Tourist Cabin on Dovrefjell operated by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT).

In the 2024 season, the shuttle bus to Snøheim runs between 28th June and 6th October, and tickets can be booked through the travel search from February.

The Norwegian Trekking Association’s cabin Snøheim is located on Dovrefjell, at the foot of Snøhetta. From here, you have access to various hikes of both shorter and longer distances, including 10 peaks over 2000 meters.

Search Hjerkinnhus - Snøheim

Search Hageseter turisthytte - Snøheim

The bus to and from Snøheim has five daily departures. The bus departs from the courtyard at Hjerkinnhus and the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre at Hjerkinn. Book your ticket from Hjerkinnhus, Dovre, and not from 'Hjerkinn, kryss E6'.

On the first departure every morning and the second-to-last return, the bus stops at Hageseter Tourist Cabin.

For the protection of the nature

The shuttle bus operates to minimize traffic from cars, cyclists, and pedestrians along the road. The bus drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop off passengers along the way (except for specific rules for hunters during the reindeer hunting season). Bicycles are not allowed on the bus.

When a departure is marked as Sold out, you can search for available tickets on other departures or show up at your desired departure and wait for an extra run. The bus runs extra trips until everyone is accommodated. The ticket price is 100 NOK.

Snøheim Tourist Cabin is open during the same period as the bus and can be booked through the Norwegian Trekking Association (Turistforeningen).

Photo: Heidi Jægtnes

Snøheim Tourist Cabin

Snøheim Tourist Cabin is a DNT cabin on Dovrefjell. You can find more information about the cabin and book accommodation on Snøheim's own website.


There are parking facilities at the bus stop at Hjerkinnhus. Parking fee: 65 NOK/day, payable to Hjerkinnhus/cafe.

There are two electric charging points at Hjerkinnhus.

Ticket price

The bus journey costs NOK 105 one way. Children under 6 years old travel for free. See the schedule of departures by making a search in the travel planner at the top of the page.

Extra products can be purchased via Vipps on the bus.

Prevented from travelling

If you have booked a ticket and later wish to change the travel date, you can modify your ticket up to 1 hour before departure. This is done on "My Page". Please note that a ticket can be changed multiple times. If you were not logged in when you made the purchase, you can create an account with the same email address and import the ticket to My page after the purchase.

If your trip is cancelled, you can also request a refund for the ticket.

Learn more about changing the travel time

Rute Snøhiembussen

Travel time from Hjerkinnhus to Snøheim is approx. 30 minutes.

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