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LineNW163Oslo lufthavn-Gjøvik-Fagernes-Beitostølen

Valdresekspressen operates every day, all year round. The buses drive between Oslo Bus Terminal and Oslo Airport to Fagernes and further to Beitostølen and beautiful Jotunheimen. You can also travel between Oslo and Årdalstangen.

During Easter and the Summer season, Valdresekspressen extends its route with additional departures to Gjendesheim. The season runs from June 7th to October 6th.


The beautiful and diverse Valdres extends from the water and forest-rich valleys in the south to the mighty mountain peaks of Jotunheimen in the north. The popular and spectacular hike to Besseggen starts where the bus stops at Gjendesheim.

Few regions in Norway offer such a diverse range of activities throughout all four seasons. Beitostølen is a favorite for the whole family with activites in summer as well as in winter. The town of Fagernes is situated in the heart of the region and serves as an excellent starting point for many adventures.

Oslo Lufthavn

Valdresekspressen also offers departures to and from Oslo Airport. The route runs between Oslo Airport, Gjøvik, Fagernes, and Beitostølen.

Times and tickets

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Fagernes–Oslo Airport


Oslo Airport–Gjøvik

Have you forgotten or lost something on the bus?

Please complete the lost property form, and we will get in touch with you. You can also get in touch with Fagernes skysstasjon:

Phone: (+47) 61 35 94 00

Bus from/to Oslo Lufthavn from Beitostølen and Gjøvik

Line NW163 operates between Beitostølen, Fagernes, Gjøvik, and Oslo Airport.

Along the route, the bus stops at locations including Fagernes, Gjøvik Bus Station, Kallerud, Lena Bus Station, and Skreia before reaching Oslo Airport. The route has departures Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays in both directions.

Search for departures:

Beitostølen - Oslo Airport

Fagernes - Oslo Airport

Gjøvik - Oslo Airport

Innlandstrafikk tickets on Valdresekspressen

Tickets from Innlandstrafikk can be used for travel where both boarding and alighting occur in Innlandet county.

Please note:

  • Tickets must be purchased in the apps Innlandstrafikk Billett or Entur.
  • Approved ticket types include: Single ticket (Entur), Period ticket (Entur), 30-day ticket for Children and Youth (Innlandstrafikk Billett).

Starting from March 1, 2023, Innlandskortet cannot be used on express buses in Innlandet county.

Please note that the ticket must be activate and presented to the bus driver upon boarding.

Skyss period and youth card on Valdresekspressen

As a customer with a Skyss period or youth card, you can travel freely within the zone covered by your ticket. This is possible when travelling with both regular buses and express buses throughout Vestland county.

  • If you use a Skyss 30- or 180-day period ticket, you can travel freely with express buses in the zone covered by your period card.
  • For those with a Skyss 30-day youth ticket, you can travel freely in all zones.

Skyss period cards are valid on Valdresekspressen in Vestland county, between Årdalstangen and Tyinosen. There is no discount code for seat reservation on Valdresekspressen, but there is always available space in Vestland/Årdal.

Route NW160/161/163 Valdresekspressen


Traveltime between: Oslo, Fagernes and Årdalstangen: approx. 5 hours and 29 minutes


Traveltime between: Oslo, Fagernes, Beitostølen and (–Gjendesheim): approx. 3 hours and 45 minutes


Traveltime between: Oslo lufthavn, Gjøvik, Fagernes and Beitostølen: approx. 4 hours and 2 minutes

Beitostølen–Gjendesheim: Seasonal route Easter and summer

For corresponding routes and further connections, please refer to the journey planner (top of page).

When Fv. 53 Tyin-Årdal is closed, the bus travels via Lærdal, see information.

Information about closed roads can be found on or by calling 175.

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