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Children travelling alone

If you have a child who will be travelling unaccompanied, please make sure to complete the information form below and print it. Show the form to the driver when you follow the child onboard the bus. The child must carry the form throughout the journey.

Please note that the child's parents or guardians are responsible that the document has been correctly completed. Children who travel alone must be within school age and should be independent enough to manage through the journey without the assistance of the driver.  

On strechtes that include a ferry, we advice that the child is minimum 10 years old. 

Complete the form and print

It is important that the driver has accurate information about children traveling alone. The child must be accompanied to the bus by a guardian and must be able to present a completed registration form. The form should include details about who will pick up the child at the bus stop upon arrival. Please clarify this to the driver when the child boards the bus.

The form must include the names and phone numbers of two responsible adults whom the driver can contact in case of any unforeseen events. Guardians who drop off and pick up the child should be reachable by phone until the journey is completed, and the child is picked up at the specified bus stop.

Open the printable form. Please complete and show to driver at departure.

For a guaranteed seat, we recommend that you pre-book the ticket online or through the app. Upon arrival, try to secure a seat near the driver.

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