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Discount Codes and Travel Cards

You can add a discount code in the travel search. Discount codes are used for offers, discounted tickets in connection to travel cards (e.g., Skyss, Kolumbus, Farte, and Innlandstrafikk), or group tickets (e.g., family tickets).

You can find discount codes for various travel cards (period cards, youth cards, etc.) further on this page. The discount code will, in many cases, be unique to each route and travel card.

You will find the input field for the discount code in the travel search. When you add the code and press search, you will see trips with discounted prices. If the discount code is misspelled, you will not receive discounted tickets as a result.

Procedure for using a discount code

  1. Fill in the search, both from and to.
  2. Select the date and your ticket type (adult, senior, child, etc.).
  3. Enter your discount code in a dedicated field.
  4. Click on 'Show times and prices' to see a list of departures.
  5. The discount is now active, and the travel price is updated.
  6. Choose a departure and proceed to payment.

Please note: In case of an error message or no travel results/no discounted prices in the search result when using a discount code, we recommend checking the spelling of the discount code. Also, verify that you have selected the correct travel destination and ticket category.

Skyss period card on express buses in Vestland

As a customer with a Skyss period card, you can travel freely within the zone covered by your ticket, both on regular buses and express buses throughout the Vestland county.

Read more about Skyss zones

  • If you use a Skyss 30- or 180-day period ticket, you can travel freely on express buses within the zone covered by your period card.
  • For those with a Skyss 30-day youth ticket, you can travel freely in all zones.

Please note:

You are not guaranteed a seat on the bus with a period card. Use the discount code and pre-book your ticket to secure a seat. This code is specific to the route you are traveling on.

Find the Skyss discount code for your route below. A seat reservation cost will be added to your purchase.

It is important that passengers with a period card/youth card always have a valid receipt (the activation receipt WITH a valid expiration date) and identification on the bus.

Expand and see discount codes for each route:

NW400 Kystbussen

To trigger the discount for Skyss and Kolumbus travel cards and reserve a seat, use the discount codes below in the trip planner.

  • Youth card Skyss and Period ticket | Discount code: skyss
  • Youth card Skyss & Kolumbus | Discount code: skysskolumbus
  • Family ticket | Discount code: Kystfamilie (Only applies to 1 adult travelling with 1 child)

NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen

To secure a seat on the bus, we can offer online seat reservation in Vestland county for a fee of NOK 19.

  • For advance booking to secure a seat guarantee for period and youth cards, use the discount code: skyss162 

Please note: In all bookings with a period card, you must present a valid period ticket when boarding.

NW420 Sognefjordekspressen

To secure a seat on the bus, we can offer online seat reservation in Vestland county for a fee of NOK 29.

  • For advance booking with period and youth cards, use discount code: skyssSogn

NW431 Fjordekspressen

To secure a seat on the bus, we can offer online seat reservation in Vestland county for a fee of NOK 29.

  • For seat reservation with a 30-day youth ticket, use the discount code: ungvest
  • For seat reservation with a period card, use the discount code: periodevest 

If you have a period ticket for parts of the travel route, you should purchase an online ticket for the remaining journey. To guarantee a seat, you must also reserve for the stretch covered by your valid period ticket.

NW180 Haukeliekspressen

For å være sikret plass på bussen kan vi tilby plassreservasjon på nett i Vestland fylke mot en avgift på kr. 29,-.

  • I forhåndsbooking med periode- og ungdomskort bruk rabattkode: skyssSeteHaukeli

NW160 Valdresekspressen

Skyss period cards are valid on Valdresekspressen in Vestland county, between Årdalstangen and Tyinosen. There is no discount code for seat reservation on Valdresekspressen, but there are always available seats in Vestland/Årdal.

Kolumbus Youth card and period card in Rogaland

Expand and see discount codes for each route: 

Period card and HjemJobbHjem (HomeWorkHome)

For travellers with period cards and HjemJobbHjem covering two zones or more from Kolumbus, where at least one zone is Haugalandet/Haugesund:

  • Discount code for use in advance purchase: kolumbusvoksen

Youth ticket Rogaland

With a valid Youth Ticket for Rogaland, you can travel the route Haugesund–Stavanger or vice versa. The ticket should be purchased in advance through the online store or in the app.

For travellers with a Youth Ticket for Rogaland travelling beyond one of the routes considered a local journey (described below), a payment of 75 kroner is required. This ticket must be purchased on or in the app before the journey. This cannot be paid to the driver upon boarding. Discount code for use in advance purchase: kolumbusungdom

Youth cards from Kolumbus are valid on the following routes:

  • Strake Vegen (express routes): Stavanger-Aksdal
  • Regular routes: Stavanger-Haugesund

The card is also valid for local journeys on the route Haugesund–Tysvær/Bokn (Knarholmen) without an additional charge. Pre-order the ticket with the discount code: kolumbusskole

The card is also valid for local journeys between Stavanger and Sørbø on Rennesøy. The same terms for travelling with the youth card apply, and it is important that travellers with the youth card always have a valid receipt (the activation receipt WITH a valid expiration date) and additional information showing that you are of the correct age to use the card.

Farte travel card/period ticket

You can travel on Haukeliekspressen and Konkurrenten with the 30-day Telemark/Whole county period ticket purchased in the Farte app. It is also possible to use the Farte travel card with the 30-day and 180-day period tickets, but it is important to bring the paper receipt so that the driver can verify the ticket.

Expand and see the discount codes for each route:

NW180 Haukeliekspressen

With Farte's period ticket products, you can now reserve a seat on NW180 Haukeliekspressen at no extra cost. The period ticket can be used on all departures offered by Haukeliekspressen on the route Kongsberg – Notodden – Seljord – Haukeli, in both directions.

This offer applies to period tickets within all Farte age categories (adult, youth, young adult, student, senior).

To reserve a ticket on Haukeliekspressen, use the discount code: Farte2024

When boarding the bus, you must present a valid Farte period ticket, either in the Farte app or travel card, along with the ticket for NW180 Haukeliekspressen purchased on

NW192 Konkurrenten

You can travel with NW192 Konkurrenten in Telemark with the Telemark/Whole county Period Ticket on the Farte travel card.

  • Valid route is Tangen – Skjelsvik
  • Order by using discount code: TFK2024
  • The price for the route should then be 0 NOK.

When the ticket is purchased in advance with a valid discount code, it will only be valid if you can present a valid Farte card to the driver.

If you have a valid Farte card, you can also travel on the bus without booking in advance. The card is then presented to the driver upon boarding. Note that you are not guaranteed a seat on the bus without a prior booking.

Innlandstrafikk-tickets on Valdresekspressen and Øst-Vestekspressen

Pre-purchased tickets bought through the apps Entur or Innlandstrafikk Billett can be used on Valdresekspressen and Øst-Vestekspressen when both boarding and alighting are within Innlandet county. Express bus fares apply for cross-county journeys.

Please note:

  • Tickets must be purchased in the apps Innlandstrafikk Billett or Entur.
  • Accepted ticket types purchased via the app on mobile are:
    • Entur/Innlandstrafikk Billett - period ticket
    • Innlandstrafikk Billett - 30-day ticket for children and youth (not available on Entur)
    • Entur/Innlandstrafikk - single ticket

There are some exceptions to the agreement:

  • The route between Fagernes - Leira during the hours 07:00-20:00 on weekdays and 11:30-15:00 on Saturdays.
  • Travel cards with travel funds or periods, cash, or bank cards cannot be used on express buses.

Remember to activate the ticket and show it to the bus driver when boarding!

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