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On board the bus

We would like you to have a comfortable journey and strive to equip the buses with excellent facilities. We also kindly ask all travellers to be considerate of fellow passengers to ensure a pleasant trip for all.

Power outlets

We wish you to enjoy your time on the bus, if you spend the time relaxing in your seat, or working on your laptop. You will find power outlets in most NOR-WAY buses. This enables you to watch a film or work throughout your journey, charging when you need to.

If you remember your charging cable, we have outlets at every seat or every other seat. Charging options are available either through USB ports or sockets. Please contact the driver if you cannot find a charging option near your seat.


The following routes offer free Wi-Fi on the bus

NW160/161/163 Valdresekspressen

NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen

NW192 Konkurrenten

The speed of the Wi-Fi may vary and may not be suitable for downloading content. Due to variable coverage in different areas we travel through, the Wi-Fi signal on the buses can also be variable.

It is therefore advisable to download your favourite music, audiobook, film or podcast before the journey, ensuring you have some entertainment during the trip.

No registration or code is required to use the wireless network. Simply search for the wireless network and connect.

Food and beverages

On some of our routes, you have access to complimentary coffee and the option to purchase cold drinks.

Some of the routes include stops and breaks along the way. Others involve ferry crossings over fjords where you have the opportunity to purchase food and drinks. Please see details on each route page.

Use of mobile phones

To ensure a travel experience that is as enjoyable as possible for you and your fellow passengers, we kindly request that you limit conversations on board the bus to only necessary and brief discussions. We also appreciate it if you keep your phone on silent mode throughout the entire journey.

Comfortable adjustable seats

Lean back, relax, and enjoy the view in our comfortable seats with reclining backs. On some routes, you have the option to travel in upgraded seats. Learn more about this under Seat Reservation.

Air conditioning

The bus’s air conditioning ensures a comfortable temperature and fresh air, regardless of the season. If you find it too cold or too hot, we encourage you to speak with the driver during the journey.


You will find a toilet on board most of our buses.


Smoking or using e-cigarettes is not allowed on board our buses. Smoking is permitted during designated breaks along the route, if it does not inconvenience other passengers. C

Consuming alcohol or other substances is not allowed during the journey. The driver has the authority to refuse passengers visibly under the influence of substances.

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