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Wheelchair and Special Needs

Travellers with special needs, such as reduced functional ability or mobility, have the right to travel with NOR-WAY, and we welcome you on our buses. In order to facilitate a safe journey, we request that you in some cases contact customer service before travelling.


There is free shipping for a wheelchair that can be folded and fits in the bus's luggage compartment. If you are travelling in a wheelchair that you require during the journey, we ask that you reserve a space no later than 14:00 on the last business day before your journey by contacting Customer Service at +47 22 31 31 50. This is to ensure that we can prepare the bus to accommodate the wheelchair.

For safety and space considerations on board the bus, the wheelchair cannot exceed the dimensions of length 120 cm, width 70 cm, and height 109 cm.

There are limitations to the total weight of the wheelchair. This may vary slightly from route to route depending on the securing mechanisms in the bus. For details, please contact customer service.


Companion for a person with reduced functional ability that prevents them from traveling alone, should purchase a senior ticket. At departure, a municipal companion pass must be presented.

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Vision and/or hearing impairment

If you are traveling alone and have vision and/or hearing impairment, we appreciate if you inform the driver so that you can be kept informed about breaks, delays, disembarking, etc., along the way.


To accommodate allergies, animals are not allowed on board our express buses, except for guide dogs, service dogs, and assistance dogs.

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