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Catch the bus to Romsdalseggen

Romsdalseggen is located amidst a range of other mountain classics and has actually been described as one of the world's most beautiful mountain hikes. Taking the bus is both the easiest and best option when you want to go to Romsdalseggen. The hike starts at Venjedalssetra and ends in Åndalsnes.

Romsdalsgondolen on its way upPhoto: Eline Karlsdatter Fladseth

Over the years, Romsdalseggen has evolved into a gathering place where various attractions are concentrated on the same mountain. In addition to walking along the ridge, you can, among other things, test yourself on the Via Ferrata, visit the viewpoint Rampestreken, or take the Romsdalsgondolen cable car. The latter has opened up the opportunity for even more people to experience the hike over Romsdalseggen.

For updated information about Romsdalseggen, such as weather conditions, you can check the Romsdalseggen Facebook page. In addition, Norsk Tindesenter provides daily trail advice, and they have regular trail patrols patrolling the mountain during the season.

To secure a seat you must pre-book your bus ticket. Tickets can be purchased either in the NOR-WAY app or on

Hiker overlooking the view of Romsdalen from the lookout viewpoint Rampestreken.Photo: Endre Knudsen - Visit Norway

Catch the bus to Romsdaleggen

To get to Romsdalseggen, you can take the Romsdalseggen bus. The easiest way to start the tour is by taking the bus from Åndalsnes to Venjedalssetra. This way, you can have a round trip where you both start and finish in Åndalsnes.

For more information about the Romsdalseggen bus, please please visit this page.

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