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Catch the bus to the South coast

For a lot of Norwegians "the happy South" is the definition of "summer feeling". You can easily travel too and around on the South coast with our buses. We have both direct buses and shuttle buses.

Whether you're traveling alone or with others, with or without children, Southern Norway has an infinite amount of different things to see and do. We have gathered a handful of destinations that exude the idyllic charm of the South just by reading about them here, and we hope you will find inspiration for your next holiday adventure.

Bus tickets and travel information can be found at or in the NOR-WAY app. Note that during the summer months, there may be many people wanting to travel with Konkurrenten. Therefore, we recommend that you pre-order your ticket to ensure your seat on your selected day and time of travel. The ticket can also be changed up to one hour before departure.

Relax, find the holiday vibe, and get ready for an adventure in the south.


"Bryggen" and the Cathedral in Kristiansand, and a pair of feet on a manhole cover.Photo: Desirée Skalle

Kristiansand is the capital of Southern Norway, offering excitement for both young and adult travelers. In Kristiansand, you can have action-packed visits with both Captain Sabertooth, Julius, and Aunt Sofie, or you can enjoy an ice cream while watching the crowd at the pier. For more inspiration for your trip to Kristiansand, check out Visit Norway, or book a bus ticket with Konkurrenten right away.


Grimstad er en vakker, liten by hvor hvilepulsen ikke er langt unna. Lei deg en båt, og dra på eventyr på egenhånd ut i den flotte skjærgården, eller spaser rolig i de små, trange gatene.


Urban development along the waterfront with boats in the foreground in Arendal

Arendal has a lot of exciting activities for both young and old, both indoors and outdoors. Visit a museum, take a swim, or go for a trip to the idyllic Tromøya.

Other idyllic small towns.

Southern Norway is perfect for shorter trips here and there, as the small towns and harbours are closely spaced. If you become restless or feel done with one place, your next discovery is just around the corner. Lillesand, Lyngdal, and Flekkefjord are also pleasant stopping points.

Shuttle bus to Risør and Kragerø

If you want to visit Risør or Kragerø, it's also possible with us. Book a ticket with Konkurrenten, along with a connecting shuttle bus to your final destination. Remember to inform the driver when you board that you are heading to Risør or Kragerø, so they are aware of your connection.

Bus driving on a road in a summer landscape

Catch the bus to the South

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