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Plan your Easter getaway with NOR-WAY

Easter is just around the corner, and it's time to plan the trip – whether it's to the city or the mountains. NOR-WAY has plenty of options for those who want to spend Easter enjoying sunny days with or without skis on their feet.

Mann og barn i buss-sete


We are committed to ensuring you have a great travel experience on your way to your holiday. On busy travel days, you may experience full buses. By pre-ordering your ticket on our website or in our app, you both save money, time and secure a seat.

See our suggestions for an Easter adventure


Skiers in the sunPhoto: Kjartan Haugen – Visit Voss

Taking the bus to Voss is a great starting point for those who want to spend Easter skiing. Here you'll find Voss Resort, which is the largest ski resort in Western Norway, easily accessible from Voss town center. from Voss central you can easily go to other sites such as Myrkdalen and their family-friendly ski center. We have several daily departures from Bergen to Voss.


Winter in Jotunheimen

With both bus and cable car, you can embark on an adventure to Jotunheimen this Easter. Whether you want to take advantage of the Norwegian Trekking Association's cabins and ski from cabin to cabin, or if you love cross-country skiing or randonee, and would like to conquer one of the many peaks in the area. 

Check Valdresekspressen, Øst-Vestekspressen or Snowcoaches for the journey. 


Regardless of whether you're traveling from Oslo in the east or Bergen or Haugesund in the west, you can easily get to Haukeli by bus. Haukeli offers excellent opportunities for both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing, so there's something for everyone! The bus goes all the way to Haukeliseter where you can spend the night with excellent food and facilities.

Alpine skiing at HaukeliPhoto:

Bergen - family friendly city Easter

Bergen is a great option for anyone looking to experience a vibrant city atmosphere during Easter. Here, there are activities for the whole family, both on sunny days and rainy days

To get a great view of the entire city, a trip to Fløyen either on foot or by Fløybanen is a great option. Other tops such as Ulriken, Løvstakken, and Stoltzen are also excellent hiking destinations. After the hike, try visiting one of the many cafes and restaurants to recharge with delicious food and drinks.

For families in need of indoor activities, both the Aquarium and the VilVite Science Center are fantastic options for children.

Four NOR-WAY-routes stops in Bergen, so the opportunities for a day trip or a weekend getaway are plenty! 

Oslo - city Easter by the fjord

Person with a coffee looking at the Opera in Oslo

In Oslo, you can enjoy some peaceful days during Easter week with plenty of nice activities for the whole family. For a sunny day, you can bring a coffee and a bun and enjoy a walk along the fjord from the Opera House to Aker Brygge. Along the way, you can stop at the saunas for some heath and the opportunity for a swim.

Oslo also offers many good indoor activities. The Deichmann Library is an adventure for children, and the National Museum has both fine art and many activities for children. Four of the NOR-WAY routes stop in Oslo, so you can travel here from the south, west, and north.


The Trysil mountain

If you're in the Eastern region of Norway and looking for trip to the mountains and good skiing conditions, Trysil is a great option. With a short travel time by bus from Oslo and Oslo Airport, you can easily reach Norway's largest ski resort. In Trysil you will find conditions suitable for beginners and experienced skiers alike, and many hotels for the night.

Don't forget that on our buses, ski transportation is free. You get two pieces of luggage included in your ticket, one of which can be a ski bag. For an extra comfortable journey you can choose to Sit alone or Sit at the front of the bus. Check out all the possibilities and book your bus tickets for your Easter holiday in our travel planner below. 

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