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Have you planned your next skiing holiday?

The Winter is here which means snow has arrived and the slopes are open. Our buses transport you to areas with safe snow conditions. We show you where to go skiing in Norway and how to get there!

Girl on her way to the bus with skis

What could be better than bringing your ski equipment, hopping on the bus, and being driven straight to the slopes? That's really how easy it is to use the bus when you're going skiing. While being on the bus, you can relax and watch or listen to something you like. You can charge your phone, lean back in your seat, and enjoy yourself, without having to worry about parking or staying awake in the car after a long day on the slopes.

All the way to the slopes or the ski bus

While you relax on the bus, we will take you to the mountains. Our routes cover the south of Norway, which gives you a great number of choices of where to spend the skiing holiday. You can bring the skiing equipment on the bus for free. And if you book online in advance, you will get a discount and cheaper tickets.

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To Trysil with NW130 Trysilekspressen

Trysil is the biggest skiing resort in Norway, only 3 hours drive from Oslo and Oslo Airport. NW130 Trysilekspressen is operating all year, but during winter season the bus takes you all the way up to Trysil Høyfjellsenter and to Trysil Turistsenter. The end stop is close to both your accommodation and to the slopes.

Trysil is known for its impressive number of slopes and excellent conditions. As a tourist you also have access to restaurants and a wide range of hotels and lodges.

Skier on his way down the hillPhoto: Ola Matsson -

To Haukeli and the mountains

With its grand mountainous areas, Norway also has a lot to offer both for those who prefer off-piste skiing, and for those who prefer going up by lift. Haukeli is an example of this. It offers fantastic nature adventures in the surrounding mountains and Haukelifjell skisenter has very safe snow conditions. For accommodation, there are plenty of lodges for rental, or you can try the Haukeliseter cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association.

NW182 Haukeliekspressen is a bus route going from Oslo, or Bergen/Haugesund in the West of Norway. It drives you all the way to Haukeli Skisenter and to Haukeliseter cabin.

Snowboarding on the way down the mountainsidePhoto:

Voss and Myrkdalen

Voss is a main destination for skiing in the west of Norway. You can stay in Voss, but also in family friendly Myrkdalen, famous for both its slopes and off-piste opportunities. The mountains in the west of Norway are tall and full of skiing opportunities. For those who like to make most of the evenings, there are restaurants and entertainment both in Myrkdalen and in Voss.

Going from Bergen, you have many options of travelling by bus to the ski resorts. Our routes NW420 Sognefjordekspressen and NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen set out from Bergen several times a day. There are free buses going from Voss to the various sites. 

To Beitostølen and Jotunheimen

Beitostølen is both a family friendly option and an option of the adventurers interested to see the spectacular mountains of Norway. Situated close to the mountain area Jotunheimen, the nature at Beitostølen is stunning and the options manifold. You have heaps of options for accommodation which are close to the slopes. For the adventurer, the mountains in the area offers fantastic options for off-piste and randonnée skiing

NW161 Valdresekspressen drives from Oslo to Beitostølen and stops close to both resorts and lodges. It does not get much easier.

Skiers in the alpine hillPhoto: Aud Eva Bergo -

The Lillehammer region

Lillehammer is an amazing hub for both those in love with alpine skiing and cross-country enthusiasts. From the city, you can catch ski buses further to Hafjell alpine village, Sjusjøen for cross country skiing, as well as Skeikampen and Nordseter. At all sites you will most likely find great snow conditions and cold winter weather. 

NW162 Øst-Vestekspressen goes between Eastern and Western parts of Norway, starting at Bergen, through Fagernes, and Gjøvik.

Skiers ready to goPhoto: Fredrik Myhre -

Destination Oslo

Oslo may not be the first place you think of for big ski adventures, but Tryvann is just a short metro ride from the city center. Tryvann offers a winter park with terrain park, halfpipe, and ski slopes. For cross-country enthusiasts, there are kilometers of freshly groomed trails waiting in the Marka forest. Since many of our routes start and end in Oslo, it's easy to plan a weekend in Oslo for great winter experiences.

Travel to Oslo by bus with NW192 Konkurrenten, NW130 Trysilekspressen, NW160 Valdresekspressen or NW182 Haukeliekspressen

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