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Frequently asked questions and answers

We would like to provide answers to all your questions. Below we have gathered some of our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and our answers to those.

Travel search and ticket booking

How do I find travel times for the bus?

You will find updated departure times when you make a search in the travel planner. Choose where you will travel to and from, which day you would like to travel and you ticket type. When you press search the available departures on your chosen date will appear.

Why do no journeys appear when i make a search in the travel planner?

If you do not get a result when you make a search in the travel planner, you may have chosen stops we do not have departures from or between, or a day without journeys. Information about where our routes go and status updates can be found on each route page.

Some of our routes are only active thorugh either summer or winter season and tickets will be added from a few weeks to 3 months prior to season start. If you cannot find what you are looking for the first time, please check back later. 

Where can I buy a ticket for the bus?

You can purchase a ticket by:

  • Making a search in the travel planner - either on or in the NOR-WAY-app. This is the best way of assuring that you get a seat on the departure you would like to travel on. If you have not pre-booked a ticket, we cannot guarantee you a seat on the bus. 
  • Buying it onboard the bus. We ask that you pay by card.

Can I purchase a ticket onboard the bus?

Yes, but we recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance. This is the only way you are guaranteed a seat on the bus. If you have not purchased a ticket in advance, you may risk that the bus is fully booked and that we cannot take on more passengers. 

Why is the price of a journey not always the same?

Ticket prices may vary from day to day, according to which day you travel on, how many vacant seats are left, how far ahead you book the ticket and if there are campaigns running. 

The ticket price when buying on the bus will be fixed, but more expensive than purchasing it ahead online.

What is a discount code?

Discount codes are mostly used to allow those with some local travel cards to book tickets on NOR-WAY buses. The travel cards can be issued by Kolumbus, Skyss, Farte etc. You will find more information about where the discount codes can be used and how to secure a seat under our travel information

In some cases discount codes will be used for campaign offers.

Where can I use a Skyss discount code?

Skyss discount codes can only be used for journeys in Vestland county and requires a Skyss travel card. Read more under Discount codes and travelcards.

Will I be guaranteed a seat on the bus?

Yes, if you have booked your ticket ahead of your journey on or in the NOR-WAY-app you are guaranteed a seat on the bus. Please note that we cannot guarantee vacant seats on the bus if you have not made a booking and look to purchase a ticket on the bus.

Why have I not received a booking confirmation by email?

You order confirmation may be received in junk mail. Search for 'nor-way' in your inbox/junk mail to see if it might be there.

If you purchased as a registered customer, your ticket can also be found by logging in on My page. It will also show on the ticket page in the app. In both places the ticket will have a qr code and counts as a valid ticket document. 

If you have not received your order conformation by email, you may have a misspelling in your registered email address. Please get in touch with Customer service so that they can correct it for you and forward you your tickets.

Which payment options do I have when purchasing a ticket online?

When you purchase a ticket on or in the NOR-WAY app your payment options are Vipps or Visa, Mastercard or American Express via Nets.

How do I receive a receipt for my ticket?

The order confirmation received on email is your receipt. In the app you can resend the receipt to your email by choosing receipt option below your ticket details.

Where can I find the ticket for my journey?

The valid ticket for your journey can be found:

  • In your email (order confirmation)
  • On My page (if you are a registered customer)
  • In the app if the ticket was purchased in app or bought online as a registered customer.

Underway - Ticket flexibility and delays

My bus seems to be delayed. How can I find out why?

Messages concerning delays and other occurrences on your journey will be displayed with your journey in the travel planner search result. Any messages will be marked yellow. You can also find messages on our page for traffic information. 

In the Find my bus-map, you will see where your bus currently is located on a map. Look at the route, or make a booking number search. The link for this is also below your ticket in the app. 

What is a valid ticket document when i board the bus?

The bus driver will ask to see your digital ticket that you will find on My page, if you are a registered customer, or in the app. The ticket will be validated by scannig the qr code. The order confirmation received on email is also a valid proof of ticket. 

If you have bought a student, senior, military or carer ticket, you will be asked to show a valid proof of your concession discount. See more information about ticket categories.

Is my ticket refundable?

Yes, you can apply for a refund of your ticket using the refund request form. This will be granted if it is done 24 hours before first departure time in your ticket, at the latest. 

Please note that the return part of your ticket is not refundable alone. All refund requests must be made 24 hours before the first journey in your ticket starts. If you are unsure of when you would like to return, we recommend that you book two separate one way tickets. 

Can I use my ticket for another journey than the one I bought the ticket for?

No, the ticket is only valid for the journey time and stop that is listed in the ticket.

If you would like to travel on a different time that the one you have booked, the ticket can be changed up to 1 hour before departure time in ticket. read more about making changes to your ticket

Is it possible to make changes to the ticket once purchased?

Yes, if you purchased the ticket as a registered customer, you can change the ticket up to 1 hour before the first departure time in your ticket. The link to change is on your ticket on My page or below the ticket card in the app. 

You can change all aspects of your journey. The old ticket will be cancelled and replaced with a new ticket. Read more about making changes to a purchased ticket.

Please note that a the return part of your journey cannot be changed once the outward journey has been made. If you are unsure of when you would like to make a return, we recommend you to book two separate oneway tickets for outward and return journeys. 

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

Refund of a ticket is available up to 24 hours before first departure time in your ticket. You ask for a refund through submitting the refund form.

I have purchased a return ticket. Is it possible to cancel or change only one of the journeys?

The full journey can only be refunded if you make a request at the lates 24 hours prior to start of outward journey. Changes to the ticket can be made up to 1 hour before journey start of the outward journey. 

The return part of your ticket cannot be changed or refunded when the outward journey has been made. Refund and change of ticket only applies to the whole journey, before the first journey has started. 

I have purchased a ticket. Can I give it to another person?

As long as the ticket has the correct ticket category (adult, child, senior, student etc.) another person is free to use your ticket. Please remember a valid ID if the ticket is a concession ticket. 

Your ticket can only be validated once and will come up as invalid after use. 

Will I be notified if there is a change on the journey I have pre-booked my ticket for?

There will be added a message in the journey list you find by making a search in the travel planner if there is a major delay or change to your journey. information can also be found on the traffic information page. 

Other services

Is it possible to send parcels/packages by bus?

Yes, it is possible to send objects by bus. Meet at the bus stop you would like to send it from, give the phone number and name of the person who will collect it on arrival, and we will take care of the rest. See more information and prices here. 

Can I bring my cat or dog on the bus?

Due to allergy and asthma protection, we cannot take animals on the bus. Our buses do not have a separate room for animals, hence we must prioritize our passengers welfare.

There is an exception to the rule for service dogs and rescue dogs in service.

After your journey

How can I retrieve items left on the bus?

Please complete and submit the lost property form, and we will do our best to help you out. 

I would like to make a complaint, how is this done?

Please send your complaint to Customer service, and they will process it.

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